Hello, I am Shannon. The designer, maker, creator, manufacturer and packager of Broken Record.

Cutting discarded vinyl records started as a hobby in 2014, and it has continued to flourish. I absolutely love what I do, and enjoy getting into my workshop and creating different designs.
It started when I noticed so many vinyl records in refuse centres or opportunity shops, which would just end up in the tip. I loved the idea of up-cycling, and bringing something old back to life in a new form. It took many years of experimenting with heat, moulding, and cutting to get to this stage. But I am proud of where I have taken this idea, and will continue it create this beautiful art as long as people like it.

I am foremost a mother to two young girls 6 and 10. And a wife to a hardworking husband. We moved to Australia from New Zealand in 2011, and am lucky to visit my family in NZ yearly.
Enjoy looking through my designs, and if you were after something which I have not yet designed, or after a custom piece, don’t hesitate to contact me.