About Us

Broken Record came about after seeing hundreds of vinyl records sitting in refuse centers, and getting dumped from garage sales.

What started out in 2014 as molding bowls, and hand-cutting shapes when heating the records. Is now a collection or clocks, artwork, handbags, jewellery, notebooks and bowls. These are now precisely cut using a cnc router (not laser cut). And every cut edge is filed smooth, then washed and packaged ready to post for you.

My name is Shannon, and I started Broken Record with a passion for recycling. I am a qualified Interior Architect, and continue to do some small architectural projects part time.

I am also a mother of 2 primary school aged girls. My husband and I moved to Australia from New Zealand in 2011 (with a then 2 year old).

Working from home has allowed me the flexibility to work around my children, their needs, extra curriculum activities and school holidays.

Thank you for viewing my website. I hope you enjoy these pieces just as much as I love creating them.